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Your Body is Like an Instrument!

Remember, the body is like an instrument, to be fully harmonized, it must be tuned properly!

You can get your body in tune, working more efficiently and with more freedom when your nervous system is functioning properly.

When the nervous system is put under chemical, mental or physical stress, it can put your nervous system into a stressful state. Over time, this can create certain holding patterns in your body that are less than efficient but needed for that time of stress. It is similar to an instrument that goes out of tune.

When an instrument is out of tune, the notes don't play as well. When trying to play a song, it may sounds like something completely different than intended. This is the same thing when your body is 'out of tune.' It doesn't work as it is intended to.

Oftentimes, our bodies hold onto these patterns that no longer serve us. It can diminish our state and our nervous system may not be able to function properly. It’s like putting a dimmer switch on a lightbulb and only allowing it to work half of its capacity! Each level of the spine has different nerves that go to different parts of the body. You want your nervous system, the central control system of the whole body, working at 100% always!

This is where Network Spinal (NS), the type of chiropractic you can receive at The Well, comes in! It helps your body unwind your tension patterns within your body that you may be holding on to. This allows for more freedom and better quality of life! You can be more adaptable to stressors and feel your best!

It can help your body go back to being in tune. Over time, this allows your body to have more freedom, better quality of life and more ease.

At The Well, you can receive gentle spinal entrainments that help your nervous system be tuned up!

Give us a call at 720-722-1622 to learn more!

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